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Study reveals - D-IET DAY
10 Jan 2011

TODAY - January 10th 2011 - is the day when two thirds of Brits will kick start their New Year diet a study has revealed.

This is the most popular day to begin 'serious dieting', as this is the date that everyone finally empties the cupboards of Christmas treats and scales down their socialising.

Two thirds of people polled said there is no point in even thinking about dieting until all the luxury food has been devoured.

The results emerged from a study by the SUBWAY® chain to mark its sponsorship of the weight-loss show The Biggest Loser on ITV, which starts tonight.

Of the 3000 adults questioned, 49 per cent said they were going to be starting a health kick in January and the typical dieter is expecting to lose just over four pounds in January.

Collectively, this means the UK is on a mission to lose nearly 14 million stone in weight this January (the same weight as 515 blue whales or 200,000 of Paul Mason, the 'world's fattest man').

However, a less determined 28 per cent said that although they planned to start healthy living in the New Year, it probably won't end up happening.

A keen one in ten got to it and started their health kick on January 5th but comparatively 27 per cent polled said they weren't going to bother at all to shift the pounds they piled on over Christmas.

A spokesman for the SUBWAY® chain said: "It seems January 10th is a popular choice to kick-start a new health regime as it's the first whole week back to work.

"Everyone has chocolates, crisps and alcohol lingering around the house in the New Year and it's unlikely people seriously dedicate themselves to dieting and making healthier choices until all the luxury food has gone.''

"Although it's easy to be tempted by work-out DVD's, professional personal trainers and swanky gyms, the key to kick-start a diet is to make healthier food choices and exercise.

"Getting back into the routine of the commute, work or school run will all be conducive to maintaining a healthy New Year diet. ''

The most popular way to shift the festive bulge is to start exercising - with 10 per cent choosing to join a gym and one in twenty using celebrity fitness DVD's.

Of those polled, 13 per cent said merely not eating chocolate, nuts, cheeses and all the food and booze associated with Christmas will help them lose weight.

Three quarters of people said they are actually looking forward to dieting in the New Year - although the remaining quarter said they are dreading it.

Nearly three quarters (72 per cent) said women were much more likely to gorge on junk food and treats over the festive period.

A spokesman for the SUBWAY® chain added: "Shifting Christmas weight is a real challenge for many people but by January 10th the kids are back to school and it's our full week back in work so it's an ideal time to focus on healthy eating and making those healthy choices."

The Biggest Loser, which starts on ITV tonight, follows 14 people who are all hoping to lose weight with the help of expert advice and personal training. The SUBWAY® chain is sponsoring the show to promote its eight Low Fat Subs, which contain delicious fillings and sufficient salad ingredients to get one of your five per day but with less than 3g fat and 1.5g saturates per 100g in each sub.

The poll revealed the average person in the UK will put on four pounds over the festivities but a more indulgent one in ten will add seven pounds in weight.

And 66 per cent said it's inevitable that you put weight on over the holidays - although 33 per cent of Brits do their best to NEVER put on weight over Christmas.

It is easier to watch what you eat once back to work and in a routine according to a whopping 70 per cent of respondents surveyed.

An organised 25 per cent of people said they try and lose weight in the run up to Christmas to allow for the added weight to pile on.

By far the biggest weakness for revellers is chocolates, followed by crisps and Christmas dinner.


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