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SUBWAY® stores are best known for our commitment to providing freshly baked bread and ingredients to our customers. Behind the scenes, we have been working diligently to improve the sustainability of our products and operations. In fact, we are on a journey to make our stores and operations as environmentally and socially responsible as possible, and to help improve the health of the planet at the same time.
• Globally, the plants and distribution centres that we use have been strategically located to significantly reduce transportation costs, fuel usage and carbon emissions. In the UK alone, we have cut road miles by over 400,000 per annum by adding new depots to the distribution network for food and produce, and bringing them closer to stores
Over the last few years, we have switched to more sustainable products and business practices that use less energy and resources and generate less waste. We are working on other initiatives - some highlights include:
• Improved the sustainability of the packaging and paper products used in our stores; many items now contain recycled material and can be recycled - for example, our salad bowls and lids are made from 95% recycled Cola bottles!
• Improved the energy efficiency of the equipment and lighting used in our stores
• Low flow taps are a standard option in all new stores to help conserve water
• Optimised packaging of ingredients which has removed at least 650 tonnes of cardboard from our waste stream each year
• Cleaning chemicals (with the exception of the sanitizer and delimer) are non-toxic, non-corrosive and are biodegradable


Efficient In-store Operations
Water Conservation
Waste Reduction